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Tandava On The Tiger (Made In Nepal)

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Tandava On The Tiger (Made In Nepal)
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The local word 'li' is a versatile syllable. It designates the vast range of metals, of diverse origins, levels of refinement, and blends, that constitute a medium of sculpture in the region (Central Asia, Kashmir, Tibet, and Nepal). Done using either repousse (hammering and putting into shape) or lost-wax casting (pouring molten li into a clay cast to replace the wax within), most of the art that is produced in this part of the world draws from the Hindu and Buddhist faiths. This one is a fine example of the same. Sculpted from copper, an elite medium for the visual arts when compared to brass, it depicts Shiva in the midst of His tandava.

There is so much about this unusual composition that conforms to the iconography of this much-venerated deity. His dense locks are gathered atop His head, upon which is the distinct roop of Devi Ganga, and secured with a sliver of the moon. Myth has it that She descended onto the North Indian plains from the tresses of the lord, sweeping it with abundance and fertility. The hem of the loincloth grazes His knee, leaving the rest of the legs bare. In one hand is the characteristic trishool, the all-important damroo in the other. Beneath His dancing feet is the skin of a tiger brought to its knees by the lord. Note the snakes that are coiled around His ankles and neck, the stripes of vibhooti that grace His brow, and the superbly pronounced composure of countenance, putting together a picture of overpowering ferocity.

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Item Code: ZED08
Copper Statue
11.5 inch Height x 10.3 inch Width x 9.2 inch Depth
2.6 kg
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