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Standing Vishnu-Lakshmi Wall-Hanging Temple

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Standing Vishnu-Lakshmi Wall-Hanging Temple

Standing Vishnu-Lakshmi Wall-Hanging Temple

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Lakshmi is the eternal consort of Lord Vishnu. According to the pauranik legends, she was born out of the ocean of milk at the time of the churning. As she emerged from the ocean she captivated all who watched her. The devas and asuras, alike, showered her with celestial gifts. Among the gifts was the Vaijayanti Mala, that Lakshmi chose to put around the neck of Lord Vishnu, accepting him as her spouse. He is of the supreme trinity, preserver of the world while she is the source of all material wealth.

In this beautiful wooden temple we have for you, God Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi are depicted standing side-by-side. The temple has separate pedestals, with a central supporting pillar, for Vishnu and Lakshmi. The temple comes with wall-hanging screws and is structured like an actual temple, complete with beautiful carving upon its walls and the exquisite statues of the divine couple housed within. Vishnu is represented holding the divine conch, panchajanya and sudarshana chakra in his rear hands. His front hands hold the traditional lotus and the downward pointing mace. The goddess holds lotus buds in each of her rear hands while her right hand is raised in the blessing posture of Abhaya Mudra. Her front left hand is pointing downward in a gesture of generosity towards her devotees. 

Vishnu Dimension: 16 inch X 8 inch X 6 inch

Weight: 5.540 kg

Goddess Lakshmi: 16 inch X 9 inch X 5 inch

Weight: 6 kg 

Wooden Frame: 36.0 inch X  40 inch X 8.0 inch

Weight: 39 kg (Wooden Frame)

Ships in 1-3 days
Item Code: ZEP064
40.00 inch Length X 8.00 inch Width X 36.00 inch Height - Frame
50.60 Kg. (Total Weight)

The ruling Lord and Devi over multiple lokas or realms of existence, Lord Vishnu and Devi Lakshmi are responsible for the preservation of life and drshyam (existence as we know it). While He is the presiding deity over the process of preservation, She in turn presides over wealth and resources which are indispensable to it. As such, they are the first couple of paraloka and, each time Lord Vishnu has been reincarnated in ihaloka (human realm of existence) so has Devi Lakshmi to take His side.

The twin deities are each in their own aureole. They have been sculpted with remarkable precision and finesse. For example, each detail of their attire and ample adornments has been brought out with perfection. A miniscule murti of Lord Garuda, His vahana, is to be found at the foot of Lord Vishnu’s pedestal. The plinth on which Devi Lakshmi stands, however, is flanked by a pair of gaja (elephants). While Garuda is the vahana (divine mount) of Vishnu, the majestic animals are integral to the traditional iconography of Lakshmi. Note the sheer proportion of detail introduced into the aureoles that frame the standing figurines - from the Yali brackets to the Kirtimukham at the zenith, the finish takes after the Hoysala style of centuries ago.

The deities are placed within a makeshift temple. It is carved from pale-coloured wood and comprises two discrete spaces for each of the figurines. A hint of latticework along the top and a rugged texture characteristic of wood.

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