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Shri Yantra Two-Sided Pendant

Shri Yantra Two-Sided Pendant
Item Code: LAW70
24 K Gold
1.3 inch Height
0.8 inch With
5.09 gms
The Shri Yantra is a virtual configuration of nine interlocking triangles.The four upright triangles, representing Shiva, are passive and inert, while the downward-pointing, manifesting Shakti, represent dynamic energy and operative force. Hence, the Tantrika sees Shakti as dynamic, and Shiva, as inert. The bindu, which is virtually the Para Bindu, the nucleus of the condensed energy, as also the 'Nada-Bija' – seed of the ultimate Sound, represents in single form the dynamic and the static aspects of Shakti and Shiva. The 'bindu' itself is not inert. It expands and creates, and in the process transforms into 'Apara' – the endless. With the interaction of the dynamic and the static there emerge two more ‘bindus’ – points, which by joining the former create a triangle, the multiplication of which defines the procession of creation. Creation is thus the outcome of the union of the point and triangle, which in Tantrika analogy Shiva and Shakti effect, and the Shri Yantra is the unified body of the two manifesting the divine couple in absolute union.

Shri Yantra is depicted both side of this pendant. Shri Yantra is more efficacious when touches the skin.

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