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Mystic Topaz Pendant

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Mystic Topaz Pendant

Mystic Topaz Pendant

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This tantalizing pendant elegantly embodied with a flawless topaz gemstone that gives an alluring look to any lovely person. Wear this ornament to add everlasting charm to any outfit. The topaz stone can enhance any jewelry with its ravishing look.


Topaz has a variety of color ranges included many saturations and shades of purple, green, pink, orange, blue, and red. The natural state of this gemstone is yellow to a golden brown. 


Topaz stone is associated with purpose, love, nobility, and passion. This gemstone is a stone of good fortune and high self-esteem that is filled with fiery energy. Topaz has the ability to enhance inner abilities and power and inner confidence. This stone is truly a statement of fire energy.

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Item Code: LBI98
Sterling Silver
1 inch Height X 1 inch Width
9.5 gms
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Topaz can bring healing, beauty, joy, protection, generosity, healing, enlightenment, strength, knowledge, love, good health, loyalty, weight loss, abundance, beauty, leadership, and wisdom to the wearer. It is believed that this gemstone can calm, heal, re-motivate, and soothe.


Topaz is also called the ''lover of gold'' due to its properties to bring money and wealth. Topaz usually comes with no hues and it looks exactly like a diamond. It has other colors also like pink, warm brown, honey green, and yellow. Like other gems, topaz is manufactured mostly on heat to get the required color. 


Topaz stone signifies the vision for life and helps in to get higher wisdom. Topaz is usually known as a protective gemstone and it secures the owner from negative energy and from illusions, anxieties, and fears. 

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