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Grahani- An Ayurvedic Concordance of Textual Refrences From Brhatrayi's

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Grahani- An Ayurvedic Concordance of Textual Refrences From Brhatrayi's
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Item Code: NBZ212
Author: Sujithra Ram Manohar
Publisher: Chaukhambha Publications
Edition: 2017
ISBN: 9788193523544
Pages: 384
Other Details: 9.00 X 6.00 inch
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About The Book

This book gives a complete compilation of the disease Grahani (Sprue Syndrome), from the Brhatrayi's (includes the four major classical texts) of Ayurveda - Astanga Hrdaya and Sahgraha, Caraka Samhita and Susruta Samhita. This book, covers all aspects in relation to the disease, from terminologies used & references to the wide spectrum of treatments that these classical texts suggest. Grahani is one among the Astamahagada's (eight major diseases) as per Ayurveda. This means that the disease has to handled very sensitively. The wide options of treatments mentioned by the Brhatrayi's for Grahani is very helpful for a physician to decide the treatment depending upon the roga and rogi. The clue to the disease is not only obtained from the Nidana and Cikitsa Sthana, but through out the text, right from the first to the last Sthana. The verses have been sorted under different headings and subheadings and carefully placed in a such a way that, at a glance the reader can pick out the specific aspects he would like to know about the disease. This book also gives an exclusive Index of all plant, animal, mineral and miscellaneous products used in the disease. The frequency of the drugs used along with the synonyms have been tabulated. Each and every drug has been indexed with the Botanical names, the synonyms used and the verses where they are used. The symptoms for Grahani has also been indexed along with its meaning, the verse it appears and the frequency. Hence this book which is unique of its kind is sure to be useful for students, aspiring clinicians and researchers. A compilation of this kind on Grahani has never been done before. This book is the third major compilation work done by the Author after the book on Prameha.

About the Author

Dr. Sujithra Ram Manohar is at present doing Post Graduation in Dravya Guna Vijnana at Amrta School of Ayurveda. After working for 14 years as Head of Literary Research & Academics Department and Gynaecology Research Clinic, AVP, Coimbatore, is now back to being a student to specialise in Ayurvedic Pharmacology. She completed her BAMS from Coimbatore Ayurveda Medical College with a Gold medal in 2003. She won the prestigious JIVAKA Award by Himalaya and and was honoured by Arya Vaidya Cikitsalayam, Coimbatore for excellent Academic performance. She took her Masters in Bio informatics from Bharathiyar University, Coimbatore. She is in the Editorial Board of the Ayurvedic Journal - Ancient Science of Life, Reviewer for two prestigious Ayurvedic Journals. She has published papers in Research journals and won awards for paper presentations.

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