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Fruit and Vegetable Juice Therapy: Curative and Preventive Properties of Fruits and Vegetables in Ensuring a Healthy Body and Glowing Skin

Fruit and Vegetable Juice Therapy: Curative and Preventive Properties of Fruits and Vegetables in Ensuring a Healthy Body and Glowing Skin
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Item Code: IDF313
Author: Dr. Syed Aziz Ahmad,Dr. Shiv Charan Sharma
Publisher: Pustak Mahal
Language: English
Edition: 2004
ISBN: 812230734X
Pages: 218 (Illustrated with B & W Figures)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.4" X 5.4"
weight of the book: 295 gms

From the Back of the Book:

Did you know that papaya, orange, lemon and pomegranate act as antidotes to high blood pressure… or amla and carrot are useful in controlling asthma… or guava and mosambi help in regulating constipation? In fact each and every fruit and vegetable has incredible curative properties, and offers a natural way to good health. Fruits & vegetables act as scavengers to our body, and drive away vitamins, minerals, proteins, fibers, aromatic compounds and host of other micro-nutrients. Grab this authentic, self-help, therapeutic guide to learn and apply the remarkable ways to combat naturally all kinds of ailments. Some examples -

· High B.P antidotes: Papaya, orange, lemon, pomegranate.
· Skin disease preventives: Apple, carrot, watermelon, lemon.
· Asthma prophylactics: Amla, carrot, pomegranate.
· Diarrhoea curatives: Pineapple, apple, anar.
· Constipation regulators: Guava, mosambi, apple.
· Digestion aid: Spinach (Palak)
· Diabetic Control: Bitter Ground (Karela)
· Jaundice & Diarrhoea Control: Carrot

About the Author:

Dr. Syed Aziz Ahmad did his M.Sc. from Gorakhpur University, M.Phil and Ph.D. from Aligarh Muslim University. He published 25 research papers and attended several conferences and seminars. He is supervising Ph.D. students in Organic Chemistry. His fields of specialization are chemical analysis of medicinal plants and folk medicines. Presently he is senior Reader in the Post-graduate Department of Chemistry, G.F. College, Shahjahanpur (U.P.).

Dr. Shiv Charan Sharma did his B.Sc. and M.Sc. from Agra University and Ph.D. from Rohilkhand University. He published about 30 research papers in national and international journals of repute and presented 13 papers in different conferences and seminars. He is supervising research scholars for their Ph.D. degree in the fields of Eco Physiology and Taxonomy of medicinal plants and Ethnobotany. Presently he is senior Reader in the Post-graduate Department of Botany, G.F. College, Shahjahanpur (U.P.).


"You're what you savour."- this proverbial maxim forms the basis of 'Phytotherapy' or treatment with fruit and vegetable extracts. The modern nutrition gurus and dieticians call these extracts as 'Nutriceuticals'-an umbrella term for dietary supplements. These are foods, as if especially created by nature for people with specific diseases. Besides providing alternative herbal cures, these act as health tonics to supply vim, vigour and vitality.

The palliative and potent curative aspects of plant products being natural in origin cause no side effects. Instead, these products act as therapeutic or prophylactic medicines. Current Ayurvedic researches by leading pharmaceutical R&D centres around the world have proved their indomitable power to cure or prevent a large number of diseases viz., arthritis, high- cholesterol, hypertension, osteoporosis, diabetes, asthma, and more. The attention of the readers may be drawn to a latest finding by the Ajanta Pharmacy, which has developed the world's first natural 'Carotene' product derived from carrot extract that has proved highly effective in controlling diabetes and obesity.

Fruit & Vegetable Juice Therapy9
(A Natural Way to Good Health)
Importance of Fruits and Their Natural Benefits13
Hydrating Effects of Fruits15
Fruits - Their Nutritive Value, Preservation & Medicinal Use17
Almond (Badam)19
Apple (Saeb)21
Apricot (Khubani)25
Banana (Kela)28
Black Berry (Jamun)33
Custard Apple (Sharifa)36
Date (Khajoor)38
Fig (Anjir)41
Gooseberry (Amla)46
Grape (Angur)49
Guava (Amrud)52
Jujube (Baer)57
Lemon (Nebu)60
Lychee (Lichi)63
Mango (Aam)65
Watermelons (Tarbuz and Kharbuza)70
Orange (Santara)71
Papaya (Papita)74
Peach (Aru)77
Pear (Naspati)79
Pineapple (Anannas)82
Plum (Alubukhara)85
Pomegranate (Anar)87
Strawberry (Rasbhari)91
Fruit Juices and Their Preservation94
Natural Health Tips99
Vegetables: Importance and Natural Benefits141
Asparagus (Shatawar)147
Beetroot (Chukandar)149
Bengal Gram (Chana)152
Bitter Gourd (Karela)154
Brinjal (Baigan)157
Cabbage (Pattagobhi)159
Carrot (Gajar)162
China Spinach (Chaulai)166
Cucumber (Khira)169
Drumstick (Sahijan)172
Fenugreek (Methi)175
Garlic (Lahsun)177
Ginger (Adrak)180
Groundnut/Peanut (Moongphali)183
Onion (Pyaz)185
Potato (Aalu)188
Radish (Muli)190
Soyabean (Bhat)192
Spinach (Palak)194
Tomato (Tamatar)197
Vegetable Juices200
Zinc: A Potential Health Metal203
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